Guide for Non-Resident Foreigners Buying Property in Dubai

A Guide for Non-Resident Foreigners Buying Property in Dubai is a vital guide to help property buyers understand and navigate the real estate market in Dubai. The Guide covers all aspects of the property business from finding a property, to inspecting it, to renting it and most importantly, the legal aspects of buying off plan property in Dubai. The author, an experienced real estate professional with over 18 years’ experience, has meticulously researched the different areas of property for sale in Dubai. This knowledge and his years of industry experience are put into this Guide for Non-Resident Foreigners off plan property Dubai.

The main aim of the author of the Guide for Non-Resident Foreigners Buying Property in Dubai is to provide a clear and simple method of buying property. This is achieved through providing buyers with clear instructions on how to identify quality properties and how to avoid scams when buying property. Each section of the Guide for Non-Resident Foreigners includes:

Detailed description of the property location in the city of Dubai. A List of the different types of properties for sale in the plan area. o Information about the laws and regulations applicable in the area. o List of commercial and residential areas in the plan area, including the rate of rent and other related information. o All the necessary documents to acquire the property like the proof of income, registration papers, mortgage documents, lease contracts, and other relevant papers.

The author also makes it easy for the readers by distinguishing the planned area from the unplanned and planned zones in the city. The planned areas are zoned according to the type of development desired by the residents in that area. For instance, if a neighborhood is zoned agricultural, then you will not be able to buy an agricultural property there as you would have to move out after you have purchased the property.

This is one of the guides that comes highly recommended for foreigners who are planning to buy Port de la Mer apartments Dubai. This book has been designed with the intention of assisting them in their task. This book not only helps them acquire the right kind of property for them to live in Dubai but also helps them get their required visa and passport for buying properties in Dubai. There are many things that the buyers should take care of while they are planning to buy property in Dubai. They should be aware of the rules and regulations imposed by the law in the emirate and they must make sure that they abide to them. This is what this eBook has in store for the readers.

Another major advantage of this guide is that it helps the buyers understand the roles of property managers in Dubai. It explains the difference between renting and owning a property and the legal processes that are involved in each process. The guide also discusses the various types of contracts that are in force between the buyer and the property manager and how these contracts affect the responsibilities and benefits of the parties involved. This eBook also discusses various aspects of dealing with the property and its market. This includes the kinds of properties available in Dubai and the rules that are applicable in the contracts involving the purchase and lease of property in Dubai.

The other advantage of this eBook is that it provides the necessary information about the tax and other legal matters related to property buying in Dubai. The laws pertaining to property owners change frequently and it is important for the readers to be familiar with these laws in order to avoid any violation of the law. This guide provides tips on how the legal process of purchasing a property works and also has details of all the different types of properties available in Dubai. All this information will make it easy for the property buyers to go about their business without any hassles.

The authors of this guide have drawn attention to the importance of educating the readers about the different laws regarding property dealing so that they do not end up defenselessly when faced by some problem. The book thus serves as a reference for the potential buyers to gain knowledge and understanding about the legal implications of the real estate market in Dubai. It is a valuable guide not only for property buyers but property managers as well. Property managers would definitely benefit a lot from such a guide.